The new NEC IT1825 unit offers corporate workgroups and satellite offices a comprehensive solution for information and centralized document capabilities. Starting with the 18-page per minute print speed, standard 50 page duplex scanning and available 1750 sheets of paper accommodating multiple sizes capable of 11x17 (ledger) size are offered with multiple cassette configurations.

The NEC IT1825 is designed as a document communicator offering advanced network imaging applications that adds value and solutions. Standard configuration includes; large easy use touch panel, 50-page duplex scanning, 18-ppm laser engine with user friendly consumables, 11x17 inch (ledger) paper size handling, Super fast 33.6 facsimile with 300 one-touch auto dials, fast within 7 seconds first copy speed and easy access design including height and operation panel positioning adjustments for operation.

The large touch screen provides all operation features of the unit in a easy to understand fast response system. This offers a fast learning curve, less mistakes and overall higher effectiveness for the users.

Some of the copier features that come standard are: 11 MB memory and 600 dpi resolution, offering outstanding copy quality. Up to 99 copies, fast first copy speed and duplex scanning.

As a hub facsimile unit, the digital NEC IT1825 offers Facsimile function as standard. Leading-edge features and functions include: Quick Memory Transmission, dual port upgrade path, 11 megabytes of standard facsimile memory, double-sided original transmission, 300 location one-touch upgrades to 810 one-touch locations, sub-addressing, and fully integrated touch screen are just the beginning. A dual 2nd G3 port option offers two V.34 33.6K fax lines, doubling the unit’s facsimile communications applications power. By integrating the dual ports and the network integration functions of the NEC IT1825 you can build a powerful document communication center.




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