Enter the world of full color documents and reduce the operating costs associated with single-function printers and copiers with the NEC IT25C5. With 25-cpm digital single-pass technology for both full color and monochrome items, the NEC IT25C5 fully colorizes your business’s copying, printing, and scanning needs.

The NEC IT25C5 provides a robust standard paper capacity of 1,150 sheets. Standard capacity is comprised of two 500 sheet paper decks and a 150 sheet bypass tray. Optional added paper sources can increase the total paper capacity to more than 4,000 sheets.

Additionally, the power memory includes a standard 60 MB Hard Disk Drive (HDD) and 1,024 MB RAM. Account management provides account tracking and user authentication, while network security features include server authentication, LDAP, random erase for the HDD and a full complement of networked web access and control.

A secure solution that incorporates intuitive use and simple management, the NEC IT25C5 ensures comfort and accessibility with its undemanding design. Its tilting control panel with large function keys and simple touch-screen command interface offer comfortable use.  




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